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Get "All Your Ducks in a Row" TM


My step-by-step workbook helps you to 

unlock the secrets of your cyber, home, financial, medical and end of life wishes for your loved ones. to follow.

Money and property can be LOST!

Do they know your inner desires?

This is a must at ANY age! 

Put everything in one easy to find place.

This is a true gift for your loved ones to follow in detail when the need arises.

Create your own "MUST HAVE" legal papers and legacy videos as well.

Doula Support


The presence of an end-of-life Doula 

assists families and loved one to focus on what is most important to them. 

I offer support during the end of life process, while filling in the gap 

for families between 

Medical and Hospice care. 

I teach death literacy which lessens the fear over the experience of dying. 

The path towards end of life can be sad, but it doesn't need to be frightening.

Many Hands


 Our Steward team is specialized in helping people to overcome anxiety and find peace at end of life. Their many talents can help to create a more healing and sacred space. Our goal is to help you change the way you feel during this difficult time. Their compassionate presence increases quality life moments for all involved. 

Finding the right path


Doula Dana

Ordained Minister, Reiki Master Teacher, Thought Field Therapy II, Aslan Institute in Midwifing Death, 

Conscious Dying Institute Doula, Shamanic Practitioner, Moon Dancer, Pipe Carrier, Death Literacy Speaker

and Norwegian Reality show Finalist.

Regaining Wisdom


I created the "All My Ducks In A Row" TM workbook for people to unlock their cyber & home worlds, and to communicate their end-of-life wishes. 

Don't lose your legacy in cyber space! 

Help your loved ones to know your wishes and find your financial trail.

Step-by-step your daily life unfolds for them to follow.

It contains links to all the necessary legal papers you need 

and the ability to create a video legacy. 

I teach classes on what the end-of-life process is. 

What are the last stages and how to recognize them.

A prenatal class prepares us for birth. Here we examine the final labor.

Knowledge is a way to diminish the fear that surrounds it. 

This will help you fully understand what each step is

 and give you the ability to make better decisions as you go. 

You have the power to make more choices than ever before. 

Lastly, I can be there as a doula supporting you and your loved ones.  Your emotional, spiritual and non-medical physical needs are met. 

I am a guiding hand and bridge between Medical and Hospice care.


Finding the right path

The first step on the path is knowledge. 

I speak about Death Literacy to bring more understanding and less fear about the dying process. We begin by getting "All Your Ducks In a Row" with my step-by-step workbook. You can prepare and plan what your wishes may be. Along the way you might choose to work with

one of the Steward support team members. 

A sense of control and comfort lights the way as you feel that 

you are not walking this path in darkness and alone . 

The steward support team

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